JoJoless Fiorentina?

1 Apr
Bye bye Florence?

Bye bye Florence?

Ever since he arrived in Florence, media has been talking about him leaving. Just about every big team in Europe was rumored to be interested in him. Fiorentina has resisted them in the past, especially last summer when, apparently, he wanted to leave until Andrea Della Valle persuaded him to stay, promising  a competitive team. That promise was delievered, but Jovetić’s departure in June seems realistic anyway. So, will that mean the end of Fiorentina’s big ambition? The answer is, certainly – no.

Which isn’t to say he’s not great player, in fact the most talented Fiorentina’s player, but he’s not player-team as he was last season. Fiorentina is today a team of many good players and even if the best player leaves, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It will, of course, depend on how the club reinvests the money from that transfer and, even more importantly, will Giuseppe Rossi be able to find his pre-injury form. If he does, Jovetic potential departure would hardly be noticed, but it’s a big ‘if’ – Rossi suffered a very tough injury and it would be a shock if he never gets back to what he was before. It’s possible JoJo-Rossi pairing that sounds scary and could get Fiorentina closer to a decades’ long dream of third Scudetto.

Anyway, if Jovetić does leave, who stays (besides Rossi, obviously) in Fiorentina’s attack? It is certain that Luca Toni will be there next year. Legendary bomber said that Fiorentina will be the last club in his career, though he wasn’t clear if that means he’ll retire after the next season, but in any case – he’ll be there next season. Another one that will almost certainly stay (unless there are some problems with his agent) is Adem Ljajić. After a disastrous last season and scandalous slaps he got from Delio Rossi in the match against Novara, this season is much better for him (as well as the whole team, obviously). He became an important part of Montella’s team, scored some important goals and both him and the club want to renew his contract, negotiations are to start after the season is over.
Right side of Fiorentina’s attack is reserved for Juan Cuadrado next season, too. Columbian is having a great season and will be the crucial part of this team in the coming years.

Reports are saying that Chievo’s French forward Therau is joining Fiorentina. That is the good signing, he is a versatile player that can cover basically all positions in the front line, but what is less encouraging is the fact that young Haris Seferović will (supposedly) be sent to Chievo in a co-ownership deal. Another versatile forward (though he mostly plays as right winger) will come from Anderlecht – Ukranian Oleksandr Iakovenko.

Well, he DID get us those 3 points...

Well, he DID get us those 3 points…

The rest is still unknown. El Hamdaoui showed he has the talent, and he could be a useful player next season too, but it is doubtful whether he would want to be a back up player for another season. More or less the same goes for Mati Fernandes, though not striker. Purchase of Marcelo Larrondo still doesn’t make any sense to me, but he might still be there next season as the 3rd-ish option in the attack.

Of course, there will be some other arrivals, probably even regardless of Jovetić’s status. There are talks of Aubumeyang from St Etienne, even Torres or Negredo and, possibly the most realistic rumor – Roma’s Osvaldo. Also, it is still possible that Alessio Cerci will come back from Torino.

What is the most encouraging in the whole Fiorentina story is – midfield. Trio delle meraviglie will stay for the next season too (unless there’s some shocking development). In Wolski and Vecino, Montella will have valid, talented alternatives. We will see if Feyenoord’s Jordi Clasie will join them and make a baby trio delle meraviglie.

So, my opinion is – if Jovetić leaves it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world. Of course, losing player of such quality would affect even stronger teams than Fiorentina, but with a little luck and with good transfer politics, Fiorentina may enter next season even stronger.

If JoJo is to be one of the best, which is no doubt his ambition, he needs to play with (and against) the best. That may still be Fiorentina, in case of Champions League qualification. If not – it may be good for him and even for the club, to leave. For him, to play at the bigger level, for the club – to get around 30 million and invest them in other players, and frankly – to get some rest from the constant will he/won’t he drama.



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