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Dragan Stojkovic, one of the greatest

18 May

Toyota model named after Dragan Stojkovic

Dragan Stojković nicknamed “Piksi” (or Pixie, from a cartoon Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks) is a Japanese deity, currently coach of Nagoya, team for which he played for years. Deity? Yes. Well, not literally, but he is loved by Japanese so much that a street in Nagoya has his name, as well as one stand of Nagoya’s stadium. Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota, even has a model “Pixis”, named after him. He is Red Star legend (“5th star of Red Star”). Stojkovic played for Yugoslavia 84 times, including two World Cups. And he was one of the most talented footballers I’ve ever seen in my life. Continue reading


Fog that saved Milan

7 Dec


It’s kinda sad to be Red Star fan at the moment. The club is at its lowest point in history, and it doesn’t look like that could change any time soon. Except maybe for worse. So, what is left to us then remember how good we were back in the day?
This was the first game I remember watching. Except, I don’t really remember it, which is normal since I was 5 years old at the time. Rather than remember anything about the game,  I simply remember watching it with my dad. I remember the fog. Everyone remembers the fog that saved Milan. And I remember, for some reason, Angelo Colombo. It was a legendary match, one of those that are talked about decades after.  Even though hardly anything could be seen because of the fog. Milan was the best team in Europe [and have won Champions Cup that and the next year], Red Star was in the process of becoming that – it was Red Star that won Champions Cup after 2 years of Milan domination.  Continue reading