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Aquilani’s revival

3 May
Italy Soccer Serie A

7 goals so far this season – career best

It’s easy to be overlooked when you play in the midfield with David Pizarro and Borja Valero, when your teammates are in great form like Juan Cuadrado and Adem Ljajić, when the first star of your team is Stevan Jovetić. When Alberto Aquilani came to Fiorentina everyone has forgotten about his obvious talent and focused on the fact that he had few injury-riddled seasons ever since leaving Roma. Never managed to make a mark in Liverpool, had ok, but not great seasons in Juventus and Milan. Everyone was expecting that he’d miss half of the matches this season due to injuries. And it did seem that way at the beginning – he wasn’t fully fit for the start of the season and missed couple of games, but from November (his first start was vs Milan on 11th of November, which was round 12 of Serie A) he was without injuries and his form was only getting better with time. Continue reading


JoJoless Fiorentina?

1 Apr
Bye bye Florence?

Bye bye Florence?

Ever since he arrived in Florence, media has been talking about him leaving. Just about every big team in Europe was rumored to be interested in him. Fiorentina has resisted them in the past, especially last summer when, apparently, he wanted to leave until Andrea Della Valle persuaded him to stay, promising  a competitive team. That promise was delievered, but Jovetić’s departure in June seems realistic anyway. So, will that mean the end of Fiorentina’s big ambition? The answer is, certainly – no. Continue reading

Palermo: The crisis of “Rosanero”

17 Feb

Italian champions in the very prestigious discipline of sacking coaches, Palermo, did it again. Once more, controversial owner of Sicilian team, Maurizio Zamparini, did what everyone was expecting he would – he sacked Giampiero Gasperini. Except, this time, almost everyone agrees – it was justified. Palermo was playing badly and more importantly – they are at the bottom of the table, so the fear of relegation is becoming very real.

This has been Palermo’s worst season under notorious owner- Zamparini [Photo:]

Gasperini, after replacing Giuseppe Sannino who was Palermo’s coach at the start of the season, did what he always does – shapes his team according to his ideas. He likes playing an attacking 3-4-3 formation, but in Palermo (like in Inter before) it didn’t work. Considering players he had in the squad, it’s probable that a four man defense would have been much better for Palermo. Fact remains, most of the Palermo players simply didn’t play good this season. Defense, consisting most often of Munoz, Garcia and Von Bergen (and even Massimo Donati on few occasions, even though he’s a midfielder) didn’t really fill their fans with confidence, even though they are decent players. A lot of Palermo’s games this season had the same  or at least similar, story to it – Palermo trying to create more, to attack their opponent, but usually they lack ideas on how to score, and usually, they lose. Continue reading

Fog that saved Milan

7 Dec


It’s kinda sad to be Red Star fan at the moment. The club is at its lowest point in history, and it doesn’t look like that could change any time soon. Except maybe for worse. So, what is left to us then remember how good we were back in the day?
This was the first game I remember watching. Except, I don’t really remember it, which is normal since I was 5 years old at the time. Rather than remember anything about the game,  I simply remember watching it with my dad. I remember the fog. Everyone remembers the fog that saved Milan. And I remember, for some reason, Angelo Colombo. It was a legendary match, one of those that are talked about decades after.  Even though hardly anything could be seen because of the fog. Milan was the best team in Europe [and have won Champions Cup that and the next year], Red Star was in the process of becoming that – it was Red Star that won Champions Cup after 2 years of Milan domination.  Continue reading

The transformation of Fiorentina

4 Dec
Celebration after Borja Valero's goal vs Milan

Celebration after Borja Valero’s goal vs Milan

There is no one in the World that this June thought Fiorentina will at any point, let alone at almost the half of the Serie A season, be 4th on the table. In fact, I’d bet there were more of those who thought it was much more likely to see them 4th from the bottom. So, what happened that made Fiorentina turn from a sad team whose coach beats one of the most talented players in the middle of an important game to a team that challenges for Scudetto? Even the beginning of transfer market this summer didn’t suggest that anything good awaits Fiorentina tifosi. Continue reading